Tilt 'n' Turn Windows


Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows are versatile, secure and easy to operate. The tilt position allows for ventilation, and the side hung facility allows for full opening into the room.

Tilt & Turn windows have 3 positions.

Closed: The sash is now tightly locked into the frame.

Tilt: The sash is tilted inwards on top for draft free ventilation. With the window open in this way your home is still secured against intruders and they can even be opened up to 150 mm inwards in the rain.

Turn: The window can be turned completely open for easy cleaning of both sides of the glass and emergency access. We would recommend using this style in Larger windows because of their stronger hinges, Tilt 'n' Turn are a strong sturdy window. These windows are also ideal for fire escapes.


Key Features


  • 60 & 70 mm profile
  • Internally Glazed
  • Available in both double and triple glazing
  • 18 Frame Colours
  • "Easi-Gear" hinge
  • Side hung
  • Tilt mechanism






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