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Save money on your heating bills, improve the comfort of your home and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Why not change the pane and leave the frame?

The glass is the most important element in optimising the energy efficiency of your windows. Installing new panes will improve your homes BER Rating.

We simply remove the old inefficient glass and replace it with new panes. The old glass is taken away and fully recycled.

Why Upgrade?  

  • Virtually eliminate internal condensation
  • Reduce draughts and cold spots
  • Free solar gain
  • Manufactured to the latest CE and EN standards

The U-value of a window is a measurement of the rate of heat loss indicating how well your windows are keeping valuable heat in. It is expressed as Watts per square metre Kelvin W/m2 K. The lower the U-value the better the thermal performance of the glass.


Up to 20% of heat in the home is lost through poor insulation in the window frames or through single glazed windows. By considering replacing your windows with double glazing or secondary glazing windows in your home, it will certainly help save you money. Replacing all your windows at the same time is not an option for you, then why not choose to replace the windows in the rooms that cost you the most to heat. This could possibly be your living room or kitchen? By considering this as an option, you could still reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by half.

Paddy can run through the advantages of our glazing options and answer any technical questions you may have. He can advise on products and styles best suited to your property and draw up a quotation. A trained installation crew will remove existing windows or doors and install your new products making good all surrounds. We can guarantee a professional installation.  

Let O'Sullivan Glazing take the stress out of replacing your windows and doors. Call or text Paddy for a free quote on 0862548159 and he will guide you through the process.

O'Sullivan Glazing Systems provide a repair and replacement service for all windows and doors. This includes hinges, handles, locks, restrictors and rollers. Improve your homes security and energy efficiency without breaking the bank. We can give you a quote over the phone today.














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