The Palladio Door Collection

O'Sullivan Glazing Systems are proud to be agents for the Palladio Door Collection. We think you will agree that it has been worth waiting for. The composition of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure. This structure gives it a massive strength-to weight ratio. Other innovative features of this door are the rebated or 'hidden' hinges and wood like finish which make the doors very attractive. In addition to this, all our glass is triple glazed and we use edgetech warm edge seals for the lowest U value rating of 0.7. High Quality accessories available in gold, black and chrome. All doors are manufactured using a double rebate and two seals achieving excellent draught proofing. Composite doors will not rot or warp, unlike wooden door skins, and will require only the minimum amount of maintenance.

'This is truly a marriage of new technology and old craftsmanship producing a tool with exquisite detail.' - The Palladio Collection

Doors are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any home.



The Cambden Composite Door

We offer a full range of doors to suit every pocket including UPVC entrance doors and the Cambden Composite Door.




The Camden Composite door is fitted into a 60mm PVC outer frame (our more secure frame profile) ensuring your door is suitable for both new build and replacement projects.


Formed from our most secure 60mm frame.

Strong, durable and resistant, ensuring your home and family are kept safe and secure.

Will not rot or warp, unlike wooden door skins.

Can provide shelter and protection to your home during harsh weather conditions.

Extensive range of hand-crafted glass designs to suit your taste.


Call O'Sullivan Glazing today for information on our full range of French, Sliding, Panel and Bifold Doors.



Door Colours

White, Cream, Red, Blue, Green, Bog Oak, Yellow, Rosewood and Light Oak


U Value Rating

Door body U Value - 0.205
Triple Glaze U Value - 1.1
Combined U Value - 0.64
Solid Door U Value including Frame - 0.85
Glazed Door U Value including Frame 0.98


Door Colours

Black, White, Cream, Red, Green, Blue and Oak.


Wood-grain Effect

The Camden Composite door has been designed specifically to give a genuine wood-grain effect. This ensures that your composite door is virtually identical to a wooden door but without the hassle of repainting.



















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